Mahakumbh Mela 2025: Digital Kumbh Museum


Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department has suggested constructing the “ Digital Kumbh Museum” at Mahakumbh Mela 2025 that would not only highlight the culture of the country and state, but it will also provide facts about the Kumbh Mela's mythical and historical significance. 
Authorities reported on Tuesday that the Digital Kumbh Museum will provide visitors with a modern Kumbh experience by offering facilities such as Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), as well as audio-video rooms. This museum will cost 60 crores.

  • They have also introduced Spiritual-themed galleries that will include the Spiritual and Kumbh Mela Interpretation Gallery, Samudra Manthan Gallery, and Akhada Gallery.
  • The museum will include a food plaza and a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase books and merchandise related to the Kumbh Mela.
  • A Cultural Haat (Akshayavat), a museum, gallery, and theatre (Amrit Kalash), and a guest house will also be included.
  • At the entrance lobby, there will also be the “Sangam” River shown using digital projection.
  • In the Interpretation gallery, you can also explore Prayagraj's history and modern city information through touch interactions on an interactive Prayagraj map displayed on a large screen.
  • At the Samudra Manthan Gallery - The floor projection will tell the epic story of 'Samudra Manthan.
  • The Akhada Gallery will showcase the Akhada culture of the country. It will also include an interactive display of Shankaracharya's travels.
  • The Temporal City will have video walls, whereas the 'Triveni Sangam' will have a floor, wall, and ceiling combination.
  • This Digital Kumbh Museum is been proposed to make the Mahakumbh Mela 2025 the grand event ever and provide all types of civic amenities to devotees from all over the world.


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