Gender Bender 2023: Applications, Dates, Venue, Grant

Gender Bender is an annual festival held in the vibrant city of Bangalore, India, which serves as a remarkable platform for artists and creators to explore, reimagine, and express the diverse facets of gender. Over the past eight years, Gender Bender has evolved into a vital space for fostering essential conversations and contributing to our ever-evolving comprehension of gender, including the intersectionality of identities. This festival not only showcases the creative endeavours of its grantees but also features curated performances, panel discussions, exhibitions, and workshops.

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Gender Bender Highlights



Gender Bender Dates

December 8-10, 2023

Gender Bender Venue


Gender Bender Application Deadline 

August 31, 2023

Gender Bender Selection Announcement

October 5, 2023

Gender Bender Grant 

Maximum Rs. 75000

Who Can Participate:

  • Gender Bender welcomes applications from both individuals and collectives engaged in the arts who seek to create original works of art centred around the theme of gender. Applicants are encouraged to approach this theme critically, drawing from their unique perspectives. Expressions of this theme can span various artistic forms, from dance to drawing, photography to pottery, mixed media to mime, and more. The key requirement is that the work must be new and suitable for presentation, performance, screening, or exhibition before an audience.
  • Proposed projects should not have been publicly showcased or performed before.
  • Applications from marginalised and underserved communities are strongly encouraged.
  • Previous Gender Bender grantees are ineligible to apply.

How to Apply:

  • Complete the Gender Bender 2023 Application Form.
  • Attach relevant samples of your previous work and supporting materials to the form.
    *Please title the shared folder as "Your Name - Application" if submitting electronically.

Jury: An independent panel comprising esteemed individuals from diverse fields will shortlist the projects to receive support. The names of the jury members will be disclosed only after the selection process is complete.

Gender Bender 2023 Grant: The grant includes a maximum amount of INR 75,000 to facilitate the creation of the work, with consideration given to your proposal and budget. Selected projects will be presented in Bangalore during the festival from December 8-10, 2023.


Question 1: What is Gender Bender?

Answer: Gender Bender is an annual festival held in Bangalore, India, that provides a platform for artists to explore and express gender-related themes through various forms of art and creativity. It includes performances, exhibitions, workshops, and discussions focused on reimagining and understanding gender.

Question 2: Who can apply for Gender Bender?

Answer: Gender Bender invites applications from individuals and collectives working in the arts who wish to create new and original work related to the theme of gender. Artists are encouraged to approach the theme critically and from their own perspectives.

Question 3: Can I apply if my proposed project has been publicly showcased before?

Answer: No, the proposed projects for Gender Bender should not have had a public showcase or performance before. The festival aims to support new and innovative artistic creations.

Question 4: Are there any specific deadlines for applying to Gender Bender?

Answer: Yes, the application deadline for Gender Bender 2023 is August 31, 2023. The selection announcement will be made on October 5, 2023.

Question 5: How are the projects selected for support?

Answer: An independent panel comprising individuals from various fields will review and shortlist the projects to be supported. The names of the jury members will be disclosed after the selection process.

Question 6: What does the Gender Bender 2023 grant include?

Answer: The Gender Bender 2023 grant includes a maximum grant amount of INR 75,000 to facilitate the creation of the selected work. The allocation of the grant is determined by the panel, with reference to the proposal and budget.

Question 7: When and where will the Gender Bender 2023 festival take place?

Answer: The Gender Bender 2023 festival is scheduled to be held from December 8 to December 10, 2023, in Bangalore, India.

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