Ladakh Festival 2024: Dates, Venue, Festivals

The festival of Ladakh is celebrated annually in the month of September for 7 days in various villages of Leh Ladakh. The Ladakh festival celebrates the lifestyle, tradition and culture of ladakh. The main highlights of the Ladakh festivals are Music, theater, Polo, Archery, Mask and Folk dances etc. The Ladakh Festival invites hundreds of tourists over the world to enjoy the festival highlights from wild lion and yak dance to music, food, art & craft exhibition and tasting of intoxicating barley beer. 

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Major attractions of Ladakh Festival

Spiritualism & the Buddhist Connection

There are a number of monasteries in Ladakh like Lamayuru monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Monastery, etc where u can witness Spiritualism and get a chance to visit these Buddhist monasteries during the Ladakh trip. 

 A Folk Arts Showcase 

The Folk Art show is one of the attractions of the Ladakh festival where there will be performances of traditional music and dance at different regions of ladakh like Changthang, Nubra Valley and Zanskar Valley, etc. You can also witness the local art performance that is selected by communities. 


Leh Ladakh has always been the hub of many adventures like trekking, jeep safaris, mountain biking, camping, etc. One can enjoy their trip to Ladakh with many wild adventures. 

 Enjoy the Flavors 

Love Food? Then you can definitely have the best of delicacies from stalls that sell traditional snacks like Sel roti (Traditional bread) and Khambir (flatbread). Ladakh festival offers tempting traditional Ladakhi Cuisine as well. You can enjoy dishes like Momos, Khampas and many more things. 

 Vibrant Attires 

Ladakh is known for their colorful dresses and heavy jewelries worn by the people during the festival. Chubas (long woolen robes) are worn by men where long skirts with Gold or Silver jewelry are worn by the women as they believe it brings them good luck. 

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Other Festivals of Ladakh 

  1. Losar Festival (Ladakhi New Year) 
  2. Hemis Festival - Monastery festival of Ladakh. 
  3. Yuru Kabgyat Festival 
  4. Saka Dawa, Buddha Purnima or Vesak Day

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