Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida: Timings, Ticket Price, Ticket Link, Other Facilities, Discount Cards, Membership Card


Prepare for an exceptional adventure that merges amusement, excitement, fun, fitness, and sports all in one place at our state-of-the-art Indoor Amusement Park located in Spectrum @ Metro Mall, Noida. SkyJumper Trampoline Park offers the ultimate in entertainment.

Unleash your inner superhero as you leap off walls, soar through the air, and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Our expansive playground spans over 4000 square feet and boasts more than 30 interconnected, top-tier trampolines.

Visitors of all ages, starting from 3 years and up, are welcome, with no upper age limit or weight restrictions, guaranteeing an electrifying experience for everyone. Join us for an extraordinary journey where the thrill knows no boundaries!

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Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida Highlights




Sky Jumper Trampoline Park


Sky Jumper Trampoline Park,

Lower Ground Floor Atrium, Spectrum @ Metro Mall,

Sector-75, Near Sector 50 Metro Station, Noida, UP-201301




Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida Timings



Monday to Friday

11:30 AM – 09:00 PM

Saturday to Sunday

11:30 AM – 09:00 PM

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida Ticket Prices





₹ 350

₹ 400


₹ 500

₹ 600


₹ 650

₹ 750

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida Book Tickets 

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Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Gift Card

This card allows you to gift a card for Noida City Park with the following pricing:

  • For normal days: 500 INR (Inclusive of GST).
  • For special days: 600 INR (Inclusive of GST).

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida Membership Card 



5 cards

Save 30℅

10 cards

Save 40℅

20 cards

Save 50℅

You can also avail a membership card if you plan to visit the park often at a discounted price. Here are the terms and conditions for the Jump Card in active voice with bullet points:

  • Upon the first Jump, members will receive a complimentary pair of socks.
  • Each Jump has a duration of 1 hour.
  • The 5 Jump Card is valid for one month, the 10 Jump Card is valid for three months, and the 20 Jump Card is valid for six months.
  • This card cannot be transferred or converted into cash.
  • The Jump Card cannot be combined with any other offers.
  • The Jump Card is applicable on both special and normal days.
  • All rules of the Trampoline Park are applicable to Jump Card users.
  • Filling out the online waiver form is obligatory. In the case of a minor, the parent or legal guardian must complete the waiver.
  • The Jump Card is exclusively valid at Sky Jumper Trampoline Park in Noida. 

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Sky Jumper Trampoline Park  Noida Facilities

  • Corporate Team Building In our dodgeball courts, teams can achieve higher levels of teamwork. The foam pit fosters creativity, and the slam dunk zone encourages healthy competition.
  • Birthday Parties If you haven't celebrated your birthday at Sky Jumper, you've missed out for years. We ensure that your upcoming birthday will be the most memorable one yet.
  • School Day Trips School groups find Sky Jumper Trampoline Park the top choice for day trips. Let your students take a break from the classroom and watch them bounce their way to success with our trampoline park day camps!

Sky Jumper Trampoline Park Noida FAQs

Q1: What are the operating hours for Sky Jumper Trampoline Park on weekdays and weekends? 

A1: Sky Jumper Trampoline Park is open from 11:30 AM to 09:00 PM on both weekdays (Monday to Friday) and weekends (Saturday to Sunday).

Q2: What are the ticket prices for Sky Jumper Trampoline Park based on the duration of the visit on weekdays and weekends? 

A2: The ticket prices for Sky Jumper Trampoline Park vary based on the duration of your visit. On weekdays, the prices are as follows:

  • 30 minutes: ₹350
  • 60 minutes: ₹500
  • 90 minutes: ₹650 On weekends, the prices are slightly higher:
  • 30 minutes: ₹400
  • 60 minutes: ₹600
  • 90 minutes: ₹750

Q: What should I wear to a trampoline park? 

A: It is recommended to wear comfortable athletic clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Avoid loose or baggy clothes that could get caught in the trampoline springs. Additionally, grip socks or athletic shoes with non-slip soles are typically required for safety.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drinks to the trampoline park? 

A: Trampoline parks may have specific policies regarding outside food and drinks. Some parks allow you to bring your own snacks or beverages, while others have designated areas or cafes where you can purchase refreshments. It's advisable to check with the park in advance to understand their rules.

Q: Why should one choose Sky Jumper for their birthday celebration? 

A: Sky Jumper offers a unique and unforgettable birthday experience. If you haven't celebrated your birthday here, you've been missing out for years. The park promises to make your upcoming birthday the most memorable one yet.

Q: Do I need to wear any specific footwear for jumping at the park?

A: Yes, you must wear grip socks to ensure your safety and comfort while jumping. You can conveniently purchase these socks at the park.

Q: Are there any discounts offered for group bookings?

A: Yes, the park does offer group discounts for a specified number of participants. It's recommended to get in touch with the park for further details and specific information regarding group discounts.

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