Glass Bridge Madikeri: Ticket Price, Timings, Location


 The Coorg Glass Bridge stands as Karnataka's inaugural glass bridge, securing its position as the second longest in South India. Popularly referred to as Pappy's Bridge in Coorg, it offers an exhilarating sensation of walking in the sky. Visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the lush greenery and hills of the Western Ghats, making it a recent and captivating attraction in the state.

Madikeri Glass Bridge Highlights




Pappy's Coffee Island, Udoth Motte, near Madikeri on the Madikeri-Bhagamandala Road, Coorg, Karnataka 571201


8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Time On Glass Bridge

10 Minutes Allowed 

Waiting Time 

10 - 45 Minutes (Depending on the Crowd) 

Madikeri Glass Bridge Ticket Price

Kindly note that children below 5 years are not allowed on the glass bridge. 



Entry Fee

Rs. 200

Parking (Near Skywalk) - Four-wheeler

Rs. 50

Parking (1-1.5 km away) - Four-wheeler

Rs. 150 (with free pick-up/drop-off)

Madikeri Glass Bridge Parking Fee

Particulars  Details
Nearest Parking Fee Rs 150 (For a Four-Wheeler)
1-1.5 km Away Parking Fees Rs 50 (For a Four-Wheeler)

Information Before Your Visit

1. Age Restriction: Children under five years of age are not permitted on the bridge. Please plan your visit accordingly and make suitable arrangements for young children.

2. Footwear Policy: Kindly note that wearing footwear is not allowed on the bridge. Visitors are advised to come prepared to go barefoot or bring suitable socks for their visit. This policy ensures the preservation and cleanliness of the bridge.

FAQs about Coorg Madikeri Glass Bridge:

Q: Where is the location of the Coorg glass bridge?

A: The Coorg glass bridge is situated at Pappy’s Coffee Island, Udoth Motte, near Madikeri on the Madikeri-Bhagamandala Road, Coorg, Karnataka 571201.

Q: What are the operating hours of the Coorg Glass Bridge?

A: The Coorg Glass Bridge is open for visitors from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

Q: What is the entry fee for the Coorg Madikeri Glass Bridge?

A: The entry fee for the Coorg Madikeri Glass Bridge is Rs. 200 per person.

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