Lalbagh Flower Show Bangalore 2024: Ticket Price, Date, Timings, Parking, How to Reach


Since 1951, Lalbagh has been hosting themed flower exhibitions, once known as the summer and winter shows, to celebrate important days and national holidays like Republic and Independence Day. The Lalbagh Flower Show 2024 shall start on January 18 and conclude on January 28

Lalbagh, a well-known botanical garden in Bangalore, houses a variety of plants and animals. You can spot different bird species here, such as Myna, Common Egret, parakeets, and Pond Herons. The garden's attractions include a glass house hosting the flower show, an aquarium, and a lake. Lalbagh takes pride in having India's largest collection of tropical plants.

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Lalbagh Flower Show 2024 Highlights 

Name of Event

Lalbagh Flower Show



Venue of the Event

Lalbagh Botanical Garden


Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society


The Republic Day and Independence Day of India

Republic Day Lalbagh Flower Show Begins

18 Jan 2024

Republic Day Lalbagh Flower Show Ends

28 Jan 2024

Theme 2024

Philosopher, Poet and Saint Basavanna and Vachana Literature

Timings of Botanical Park

7 AM - 7 PM

Nearest Bus Stand

Kempegowda Bus Station

Nearest Airport

Kempegowda International Airport

Nearest Metro Station


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Lalbagh Flower Show Location

Lalbagh Botanical Garden is situated in South Bangalore, near Basavanagudi. The garden features four gates for entry:

West Gate: Near Siddapura Circle

East Gate: Near Double Road

South Gate: Near Ashoka Pillar

North Gate: Near Subbaiah Circle

Lalbagh Flower Show Bangalore Tickets

There's no ticket required to enter the garden through the gates before 9 AM, benefiting those who come for a morning walk. After 9 AM, everyone must buy tickets at the counters near the gate to enter Lalbagh during flower show days. Make sure to have the exact change.


Ticket Price (Weekdays)

Ticket Price (Weekends)


INR 80

INR 100


Rs 10

Rs 30

School Children in school uniforms



How to Reach Lalbagh Flower Show in Bangalore

To get to the Lalbagh Flower Show, follow these transportation options:

Metro: Take the Green Line to Lalbagh Metro Station, located about 500 meters from the West Gate.

Bus: Numerous BMTC buses connect to Lalbagh from various parts of Bangalore. Check the BMTC website or app for bus routes and schedules. Bus stops near Lalbagh include Lalbagh West Gate, Lalbagh Main Gate, Lalbagh East Gate, and Lalbagh South Gate.

Cab: Book a cab through apps like Ola, Uber, or Rapido, and choose any of the gates as your drop-off point. Auto-rickshaws or taxis are also available for shorter distances.

Car or Bike: Drive your vehicle to Lalbagh and use designated parking spots (refer to details below).

Lalbagh Flower Show Bangalore Parking 

You can park your car or bike inside Lalbagh Botanical Garden. Vehicle parking around Lalbagh's vicinity is restricted for smooth traffic flow. Additional parking options arranged by the police include:

  • Al-Ameen College, Dr. Marigowda Road: Al-Ameen College premises for 2-wheelers parking.
  • K.H. Road: Shantinagara BMTC multi-storied parking lot for two and four-wheeler parking.
  • Hopcoms, Dr. Marigowda Road: Hopcoms parking lot for two and four-wheeler parking.
  • J.C. Road: Corporation parking lot for two and four-wheeler parking.

Lalbagh Flower Show FAQs

Q: When does the Lalbagh Flower Show in 2024 start and end?

A: The flower show at Lalbagh runs from 7 AM to 7 PM, opening at 7 AM to accommodate early visitors.

Q: How much is the ticket for the Lalbagh Flower Show in 2024?

A: The tickets for the Independence Day flower show at Lalbagh in 2024 are Rs 70 for adults on weekdays (Rs 80 on weekends) and Rs 30 for children.

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