Nandi Hills 2024: Entry Fees, Timings, Distance, Electric Train to Nandi Hills, Places to visit, Restaurant


Nestled in Karnataka's heart, Nandi Hills beckons as a charming hill station, providing a serene escape from urban chaos. Renowned for its scenic beauty, delightful climate, and historical allure, Nandi Hills stands as an ideal haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and history enthusiasts alike.

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Nandi Hills Distance

It takes approximately 2 hours to travel the 62 km distance from Bengaluru to reach the enchanting Nandi Hills.

Chikkaballapur to Nandi hills the distance us about 23 km. You can also take bus from there to reach Nandi Hills. 

Nandi Hills Timings

Nandi Hills is open from Sunrise to sunset. ie, 6am to 6pm everyday. 

For a visit to Nandi Hills on holidays or weekends, it's advisable to begin your journey early. The gates open at 6 am, allowing only 1000 two-wheelers and 300 light motor vehicles (including minibuses) at any given time.

Starting your trip from Bangalore around 3:30-4 am can provide an advantage, placing you at the front of the queue. 

Keep in mind that whether you arrive early and wait for the gates to open or come later, you might still need to queue for available parking!

Nandi Hills Entry Fees

Kindly note you don't need to book any online tickets to visit Nandi Hills. Tickets will be available on spot at the Nandi Hills Entrance. 
To each top of the nandi hills for a view you have to trek/ walk a long distance. You can also opt for Battery Car available inside Nandi Hills to reach the top. 


Ticket Price

Entry Ticket

Rs. 20 per person

2- Wheeler Parking

Rs. 70 (Includes entry for 2 people) 

Battery Car Ride

Rs. 100

Places to Visit in Nandi Hills

Nandi Temple:

An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it stands as one of Karnataka's oldest temples and a significant pilgrimage site.

Tipu's Drop:

A historical site associated with Tipu Sultan's reign, believed to be where prisoners were thrown to their demise. The location provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.


A serene cave associated with sage Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's meditation. Surrounded by dense forest, the cave exudes a mystical charm.

Electric Train Travel to Nandi Hills

Embark on an affordable getaway to Nandi Hills using the recently introduced electric train from Bangalore! The Electric Train Ticket cost Rs. 30. Discover the picturesque landscapes, trek to the summit, and immerse yourself in the serenity. The trek typically takes 45-60 minutes. Auto rides from Nandi Halt cost Rs.50 per person (or Rs.250/auto if alone). Enjoy the journey. 

Train Schedule

Departure Time

Departure Station

Train 06531

5:20 am

Bangalore Cantonment

Train 06387

8:56 am


Train 06536

11:10 am

Bangalore Cantonment

Train 06538

04:10 pm

Bangalore Cantonment

Return Journey

Departure Time

Departure Station

Train 06535

8:30 am

Nandi Halt

Train 06537

01:50 pm

Nandi Halt

Train 06388

03:40 pm

Nandi Halt

Train 06532

06:40 pm

Nandi Halt

Please note that there are two trains departing at the same time for the return journey at 8:30 am and 01:50 pm from Nandi Halt.

How To Reach Nandi Hills

  • Personal Vehicle: The most convenient way is to take a personal vehicle, especially if time and comfort are a priority.
  • KSRTC Buses: Opt for KSRTC buses from the bus stand, providing a budget-friendly option to reach Nandi Hills within 2-3 hours from Bangalore city center.
  • Chikballapur Route: Another approach is to head to Chikballapur, approximately 10 KM from Nandi Hills. From there, cover the remaining distance with an auto ride. Or take a bus from Chikkaballapur to nandi hills. Ticket Rs. 30

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Best Time To Visit Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills attracts a surge of tourists during sunrise and sunset. The hills adorned with hues of red, yellow, and orange create a surreal atmosphere. It is recommended to visit either during the early morning hours or as the sun sets in the evening to witness the enchanting beauty. 

Here's a list of places on Nandi Hills

  1. Gandhi Nilaya
  2. Map of Nandi Hills
  3. Nursery
  4. Palar River
  5. Nehru Nilaya
  6. Viewpoint
  7. Tipu Sultan Lodge
  8. Sunrise View
  9. Yoganandeeswar Temple
  10. Garden
  11. Veeraijaneya Temple
  12. Pushkarni
  13. Tipu Drop
  14. Arkavati River
  15. Watchtower
  16. Gavi Veerabhadreshwar Temple

Restaurants near Nandi Hills

Indian Paratha Palace

Even though the name suggests limited variations, the menu offers diverse cuisines, including pizzas, at affordable prices. Known for high-quality food.

Olives Fine Dining Restaurant

A luxurious option for fine dining, offering a variety of cuisines without compromising quality. Highly sought-after, and features unique drinks.

Tribal CafĂ© 

Perfect for enjoying delectable food amidst the scenic beauty of the hills. Open throughout the night, making it an ideal spot for a late-night meal.

Sinchana Palace Restaurant

Located close to Nandi Hills, known for great food with a humble ambiance, providing an offbeat dining experience. Offers ample parking space.

NH7 Refuel

Located on National Highway 7, NH7 Refuel offers a perfect setting to enjoy a wide range of cuisines, including Andhra, South Indian, North Indian, and continental. The restaurant provides comfortable seating amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

Gowdaru SLV Hotel Veg & Non Veg

Gowdaru SLV Hotel Veg and Non Veg is a sought-after restaurant near Nandi Hills, offering a memorable dining experience with panoramic views. Known for serving top-quality food, it's an ideal place for a full meal with loved ones.

Falcon Greens

Situated on the airport road with a perfect view of the hills, Falcon Greens is a top spot for fine dining near Nandi Hills. The restaurant features an ultra-luxury setup, offering both outdoor and indoor seating options.

Nandi Upachar

Located on the Bangalore - Hyderabad Highway, Nandi Upachar is popular for its delicious food and high-class service. It's a loved restaurant for visitors exploring Nandi Hills, providing a delightful culinary experience.

Tips for Visiting Nandi Hills

  1. Monkey Interaction: Avoid feeding monkeys to prevent them from becoming a nuisance during your trip.
  2. Vehicle Safety: Keep car windows rolled up during the road trip to ensure safety.
  3. Early Return: Nandi Hills gets dark early; plan to return before 6:00 pm, especially if traveling with children or valuables.
  4. Essentials to Carry: Pack raincoats, jackets, binoculars, and a camera for a comfortable visit.
  5. Two-Wheeler Parking: Park two-wheelers at the entrance; cover the 1 KM distance to the hilltop with a battery car ride or trek. 
  6. Snacking Options: Limited restaurant facilities are available at the hilltop, so carrying personal snacks is recommended.

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