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Located approximately 30 kilometers from Bangalore City, Pyramid Valley is a breathtaking sight amid rocky hills and lush valleys. The renowned Buddha Pyramid is the world's largest meditation pyramid, with dimensions of 160 x 160 feet at the base and a height of 102 feet.

Constructed for yoga and meditation, the pyramid can accommodate up to 5,000 visitors simultaneously. Its base is made of cement, while the body is crafted from steel, adorned with 40,000 cement tiles forming a mural depicting the four fundamental elements: air, water, fire, and earth.

Explore the tranquility of Pyramid Valley for a unique and serene experience.

Pyramid Valley Bangalore Highlights



Maitreya-Buddha Dhyana Vidya Vishwalayam, Kebbedoddi Village, Harohalli Hobli, Kanakapura Rd, Kanakapura

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Pyramid Valley Timings

9 AM to 5 PM

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Maitreya Buddha Pyramid Experience

Embark on a journey from the entrance to the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, traversing a scenic landscape adorned with rocks, lush green gardens, soothing water bodies, and peaceful pathways. This serene environment is designed to guide you toward a state of calmness, transcending the mind.

Pyramid Valley has rightfully earned the title of one of the 'Seven Wonders of Bengaluru' by the daily 'Bangalore Mirror.' This paradise fulfills spiritual and emotional needs, providing a space for relaxation, meditation, communion with nature, and the exploration of new life skills. It serves as a hub to connect with the wisdom of world-renowned spiritual masters, fostering a holistic approach to life and learning. It truly stands as a remarkable destination where diverse experiences harmoniously come together.

Key Activities at Pyramid Valley

  1. Regular Classes, Workshops, and Seminars:
    • Conduct ongoing sessions on the Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality.
  2. Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists:
    • Organize an annual conference with participation from New Age Spiritual Masters and Researchers worldwide.
  3. Publication of Spiritual Experiences:
    • Share meditational experiences and spiritual transformations of seekers in multiple languages.
  4. Spiritual Research:
    • Engage in spiritual research activities and publish findings to contribute to spiritual knowledge.
  5. Buddha-Poornima Celebration:
    • Celebrate Buddha-Poornima with "Akhanda-Dhyana" involving thousands of spiritual masters and seekers.
  6. Campus Opportunities:
    • Utilize the serene campus for relaxation, meditation, treks, and lakeside moments.
  7. Accommodation and Food:
    • Provide safe, clean, and comfortable living spaces catering to various budgets.
    • Offer nutritious Indian vegetarian food for a wholesome experience.

Experience simplicity and comfort in lodging, a perfect complement to your Pyramid Valley campus journey.

How to Reach Pyramid Valley Bangalore

Getting to Pyramid Valley



South of Bangalore

Distances from Key Points

Bangalore International Airport

80 km

City Railway Station & Majestic Bus Stand

39 km

Banashankari Bus Stand

31 km


21 km

Driving Directions from Bengaluru City:

  1. Head south from Bengaluru City to the Kanakapura road-Ring road junction.
  2. Drive 25 km south on Kanakapura Road.
  3. Turn left onto Kebbedoddi Village/Pyramid Valley road at the Pyramid Valley signboard.
  4. Drive 1.2 km to reach Pyramid Valley.

Reaching by Bus:

  1. Board any bus (KSRTC or Private) towards Kanakapura or Harohalli from Majestic Bus Stand or Kanakapura Road-Ring Road junction (Banashankari).
  2. Purchase a ticket to Harohalli.
  3. Take an auto-rickshaw from Harohalli bus stand to Pyramid Valley (4 km, Rs. 100 INR).

Accommodation at Pyramid Valley Bangalore

Pyramid Valley International ensures accommodation that harmoniously blends with nature, providing guests with a pleasant ambiance and a close-to-nature experience. Choose from a variety of rooms suitable for individuals, couples, and families, accommodating various budgets.

Accommodation Options:

  • Aesthetically designed eco-friendly luxury suites.
  • Luxury rooms (A/C).
  • Deluxe Rooms (Non-A/C).
  • Standard rooms.
  • Dormitories.

Accommodation Options at Pyramid Valley:

    • Comfortable bunk beds with attached bathroom facilities.
    • Features 20 single beds.
    • Ceiling fans available.
    • Space under the bed for luggage and accessories.
    • Lockers provided on requisition.
    • Comfortable air-conditioned/non-air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms.
    • Features a veranda in most rooms for a serene nature experience.
    • All rooms equipped with fans and necessary furniture.
    • Highly furnished air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms.
    • Veranda/balcony offering a view of nature's beauty.
    • All rooms have fans and protective mesh on windows.
    • High-quality beds and pillows.
    • Spacious bath area.
    • Range of hot beverages available.
    • Amiable reception and housekeeping staff for guest comfort.

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Gaushala at Pyramid valley Bangalore

Contributing to a Gaushala through donation is a time-honored and sacred practice, believed to bring spiritual merit to the donor. These donations play a crucial role in ensuring that the cows receive proper shelter, adequate fodder, hygiene, and medical care. It's considered an auspicious act with a profound impact on the well-being of these sacred animals.

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Become a Volunteer

Register below to participate in seva/service and contribute to the well-being of thousands of meditators.

Volunteer Service

Volunteering provides a unique opportunity to serve spiritual seekers, fostering the nourishment of body, mind, and spirit. Through service, you can learn and experience the profound power of compassion and the joy that comes from helping others.

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