Sayajiraje Park Maharashtra: Ticket Price, Booking Link, Timings, Location, Activities


Sayajiraje Park, also known as "An Amazing World of Entertainment," offers various recreational activities, including a Water Park, Amusement Park, Children's Park, Boating & Safari Park, and the famous Adventure Park, making it a popular tourist destination in Solapur District. Along with entertainment, the park also gives visitors a glimpse of rural culture. Additionally, it provides separate facilities for women, senior citizens, and children to enjoy.

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Sayajiraje Park Highlights


Sayajiraje Park


Sayajiraje Park Anand Nagar, Akluj, Tal-Malashiras, Solapur Maharashtra


99 222 966 96, 98 225 550 09


Park Timings

10:00 AM to 06:00 PM (Open 365 Days)

Sayajiraje Park Timings



Park Timings

10:00 AM to 06:00 PM

Ticket Window

Mon - Fri: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Sat-Sun: 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

Here are the activities and attractions available at Sayajiraje Park

  • Amusement Park
  • Boating & Safari Park
  • Children's Park
  • Water Park
  • Adventure Land

Sayajiraje Park Ticket Price

Ticket Type

Price (Rs.)


General Adult Ticket


Includes access to Adventure Land, New Thriller Water Park, Amusement Park, Boating & Safari Park, and limited food. Swimming costume rental included. No outside food allowed.

Sayajiraje Park: Rs.753 + GST 18% Rs.136 = Rs.889 + Food (Compulsory) Rs.110 = Rs.999

General Children Ticket


For children below 4.5 feet height and seniors (ID mandatory). Includes same access and facilities as adult ticket.

Sayajiraje Park: Rs.508 + GST 18% Rs.91 = Rs.599 + Food (Compulsory) Rs.100 = Rs.699

Educational Adult Ticket


For students up to junior college. Includes access to same facilities as general ticket, limited food, and breakfast.

Minimum 50 students required for educational trip.

Sayajiraje Park: Rs.584 + GST 18% Rs.105 = Rs.689 + Food (Compulsory) Rs.110 = Rs.799

Educational Children Ticket


For children below 4.5 feet in height. Includes same access and facilities as an adult educational ticket.

Minimum 50 students required for educational trip.

Sayajiraje Park: Rs.342 + GST 18% Rs.62 = Rs.404 + Food (Compulsory) Rs.95 = Rs.499

Sayajiraje Park Online Ticket Booking 

Book Tickets Here

How to Book Tickets Online for Sayajiraje Park

Here are the steps to book tickets online:

  • Visit the official website of Sayajiraje Park.
  • Navigate to the "Book Now" section.
  • Select the date you would like to visit and click on proceed.
  • Select the category and number of tickets.
  • Proceed to the payment page and enter your payment details.
  • Review your booking details and confirm the purchase.
  • Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-ticket.
  • Save or print the e-ticket and present it at the park entrance on the day of your visit.

Activities at the Children's Park



Mini Train

Take a ride on the mini-train to explore all the fun spots in Sayajiraje Park. It's a great way to see what the park has to offer!

Sky Jet

Kids can experience flying in a special airplane ride, fueling their dreams of becoming pilots one day.

Sun & Moon

Feel the excitement as you experience the sun and moon rising and setting, creating a thrilling sensation in your stomach.


Control your own helicopter ride, learning how to ascend and descend while soaring high in the sky.

Model Train

Learn about the Indian Railway system through a remote-operated model train, designed to educate and entertain kids.

Dry Games

Enjoy simple yet fun activities like see-saws, slides, swings, and climbing, ensuring endless laughter and joy.

Revolving Tower

Hop on this exhilarating ride that spins you in circles, adding a thrilling twist to your park adventure.

Boating and Safari Park Activities



Cruising With Nature

Enjoy sailing in small boats and paddle boats with your loved ones. Explore man-made islands, ponds with lotus flowers, and lush forests. Capture beautiful moments in nature.

Boats And Ships

Experience nature's tranquility while marveling at diverse aquatic and woodland life. Breathe in fresh air and refresh your soul.

Jungle Safari

Take a thrilling safari to see giraffes, deer, elephants, and rhinos. Listen to the sounds of the jungle.

Migrated Birds

Welcome migratory birds and listen to their cheerful chirping. They're here from December to February, but you can visit anytime.

Activities at the Amusement Park




Take a nostalgic train ride through lush greenery and a tunnel, enjoying the music and reliving childhood memories.


Experience the sensation of riding "The Columbus" ship, soaring up waves and plunging down, giving you an exciting stomach drop.


Hold on tight as you spin and whirl on the 8-armed ride, testing your limits and giving your heart a wild ride.

Cup Saucer

Enjoy a family-friendly tea cup ride where everyone can join in the fun, spinning and twirling together.


Feel the adrenaline rush on the upside-down Ranger ride, experiencing thrilling flips and turns in the sky.

Roller Coaster

Scream with excitement on the thrilling roller coaster, speeding through steep slopes and exhilarating drops.


Experience the pendulum swing of the Frisbee ride, reaching for the sky and feeling a rush of thrill as gravity takes over.

Swinging Away

Hold on tight and get ready for hair-raising moments on the exhilarating swings that take you to new heights of excitement.

Disco Coaster

Enjoy the mix of a roller coaster and spinning ride on the Disco Coaster, giving you an unforgettable adventure filled with twists and turns.

Fun at Water Park



General Tank 1

Dive into fun at Sayajiraje Park's exciting water park! Enjoy wave pools and thrilling slides for an unforgettable splash bash.

General Tank 2

Experience state-of-the-art swimming pools and exciting water slides. Let the cold water refresh you and bring out your inner child.

Children Tank

Kids can enjoy a safe and shallow pool for swimming and diving, keeping them entertained and cool in the hot weather.

Family Tank

Spend quality family time in a separate pool designed for creating lasting memories together.

Special Ladies Tank

Ladies, indulge in a specially designed pool with slides just for you, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable swimming experience.

Wave Pool

Experience the thrill of ocean tides in our wave pool, providing relaxation and excitement as you ride the waves.

General Rain Dance

Get groovy with music and DJ at our rain dance party, where you can dance and have a blast with friends and family.

Ladies Rain Dance

Show off your dance moves at the ladies' rain dance deck, enjoying music and dancing freely without inhibition.

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