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Vandalur Zoo, officially known as Arignar Anna Zoological Park, is a renowned zoological park located in Vandalur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Established in 1855, it is one of the oldest and largest zoos in the country, sprawling across a vast area of over 1,500 acres. The zoo is named after Arignar Anna, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, in honor of his contributions to wildlife conservation.

Vandalur Zoo serves as a crucial center for wildlife conservation, education, and research. It houses a diverse collection of over 2,500 animals, including various endangered and rare species, making it a prominent destination for nature enthusiasts, students, and families alike. The primary aim of the zoo is to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and provide a safe and natural habitat for animals to thrive.

Vandalur Zoo Highlights



Wednesday to Monday

9 AM to 5 PM (Counter Ticket booking closes at 4:30 PM)

Weekly Off


Elephant Ride Timing

10 AM to 11.30 AM and 3 PM to 4 PM

Time required to visit

3 to 4 Hours

Best Time to Visit

Morning, Evening Time or Winter Season

Tickets Booking 

Click Here

Vandalur Zoo Tickets Price 


Indians (Rs)

Foreigners (Rs)

Children above 5 years and below 12 years





500.00 (inclusive of Still/Mobile/iPad/Tab Camera Charges)

School Children (5-12 years) from Government Schools and Aided schools


Not Applicable

Children below 5 years and special needs /differently–abled person



Battery-operated and other Zoo round vehicles for adult



Battery-operated and other Zoo round vehicles for Children



Lion and Deer Safari for adult



Lion and Deer Safari for children





No Fee (Included in the Entry Ticket)

Handy Cam



Video Cam



Vandalur Zoo Packages

Vandalur Zoo provides packages suitable for families, students, and corporate groups, offering various benefits and attractions. 

  • For family groups of four to six members, the package includes entry tickets, food and beverages, and access to other attractions. You can easily book these packages in advance through online booking.
  • For school and college students, the zoo offers special packages that feature guided tours, educational videos, and interactive exhibits, providing an enriching and educational experience.
  • Corporate groups can also take advantage of tailored packages that include team-building activities, seminars, workshops, as well as entry tickets and meals.

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Vandalur Zoo Parking 

Parking fees for vehicles are as follows:

Vehicle category

Price per vehicle



Two-wheeler (Bike, scooter)


Car / Auto rickshaw


Bus / Minibus / Van / Lorry


Vandalur Zoo Tickets Booking 

You can book online tickets from the Vandalur Zoo official website. Click on the link to book your tickets. 

Vandalur Zoo Camera Tickets cost

Camera tickets cost varies based on the device and whether the visitor is an Indian or a foreigner. For Indian visitors, using mobile devices like mobile phones, i-Pads, tablets, and pocket cameras incurs a charge of ₹25. If they use Handy Cams, the ticket price is ₹250, and for larger devices like Video cameras, the tickets cost ₹500.

Foreigners do not need to pay extra for using mobile devices as it is included in their entry ticket cost. However, if they use Handy Cams, they are charged ₹500, and for bigger devices such as Video cameras, the tickets cost ₹1000.

Camera type

Price for 1 Indian

Price for 1 foreigner

Mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, i-pads, pocket cameras)


No separate fees (price included in entry ticket)

Handy Cam



Video camera



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Vandalur Zoo Battery Vehicle Cost

Inside the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, you can ride battery vehicles at periodic intervals. The cost for adults is ₹100, while for children, it is ₹50. There is also a lion and deer safari (temporarily closed) available, with the ticket price being ₹100 for adults and ₹60 for children. Both Indian citizens and foreigners are charged the same amount for these services.

Vehicle / Age

Price for 1 person

Battery vehicles for adults (above 12 years)


Battery vehicles for children(5 to 12 years)


Lion and deer safari for adults (above 12 years)


Lion and deer safari for children(5 to 12 years)



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