Just Chill Waterpark Delhi: Ticket Price, Timings, Water Rides, Adventure Rides, Room Package, How to Reach


Just Chill Water Park, situated near GTB Memorial on GT Karnal Road in Delhi, has earned popularity as an amusement and water park. People of all ages can have a great time enjoying water-based activities here. The park covers an area of 11 acres and offers a variety of attractions that guarantee entertainment for its visitors.

For Just Chill Water Park in Delhi, you can conveniently book your tickets online through their official website. The park is open seven days a week, welcoming visitors from 10 AM to 7 PM.

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Just Chill Waterpark Highlights




10am - 7pm


Check Here


Main GT Karnal Road near GTB Memorial Delhi - 110040 (India)


+91-9910499774, +91-8285111565

Mail ID




Just Chill Waterpark Timings 




10 AM - 7 PM

Amusement Timings

4 PM - 7 PM

Just Chill Waterpark Tickets 

Category Height Range Weekday Price Weekend/Holiday Price
Child Below 2.9 ft Free Free
Child 2.9 ft - 4.6 ft Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Adult Above 4.6 ft Rs. 600 Rs. 700
Stag For Boys Rs. 800 Rs. 900
Couple - Rs. 1200 Rs. 1400

Just Chill Waterpark Costume & Locker Price



Security Deposit (Refundable) 

Child Costume


Rs. 200

Ladies Costume

Rs. 100

Rs. 200

Gents Costume

Rs. 100

Rs. 200

Locker Facility

Rs. 100

Rs. 200


Rs. 100

Rs. 200

Family Special Locker

Rs. 150

Rs. 300

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Just Chill Waterpark Water rides

Here are descriptions of some water rides:

  • Singh Dwar - Entrance with lion statues that make you feel safe.
  • Katrina-Twist - A fast water slide that spins you around for an exciting rush.
  • Black Thrill - A quick ride in a see-through tube.
  • Godzilla- A big, twisty water slide with surprises and speed.
  • Mini Aqua Rides: Clear tubes for adults and kids to enjoy fast rides. Great for adventurous souls.
  • Together: Comfortable rides for everyone, including options like "Dark Hole" and "Bullet."
  • Surfer Paradise: Enjoy beach-like waves and clear water views, even if you're not by the coast.
  • Monsoon: A mist-filled area for young kids to dance and have fun, like a rain dance
  • Different Rides: You can have fun on various rides like "Dark Hole," "Straight Fall," "Bullet," "Zig Zag," "Kangaroo," "Spiral Slide," "Monster," and "Together."
  • Space Balls: This ride is a mixed-and-matched adventure that ends with a quick and thrilling splash into the pool.
  • Bullet: It's a high-speed slide, named for its lightning-fast ride that kids find particularly exciting, much like a slide you'd find on a playground.

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Just Chill Waterpark Room Package

Package Type




Day Room Package - For Couples

Room + Water park + FREE FOOD COUPON (WORTH RS. 500)

10 AM to 7 PM

Rs. 4100/-

12 to 12 Room Package - For Couple (1 Couple and 1 Child Below 5 Years) 

Water Park, Amusement Park, Adventure Park, Edu-Tainment Park, Locker, Costume, Food Coupon (Worth Rs. 1200)

12 Noon to 12 Noon

Rs. 5600/-

How to Reach Just Chill Waterpark

Bus: You can easily reach Just Chill Water Park using DTC buses. Look for buses with numbers 442, 19, 781, 19A, 116, 505, or 19B, as they will take you to the water park.

Metro: The nearest metro station to Just Chill Water Park is Jahangirpuri metro station. Once you arrive at Jahangirpuri, you can take an auto-rickshaw or a bus to reach the water park.

Autorickshaws / Cabs / Taxis: Getting around Delhi is made convenient with options like autorickshaws, cabs, and taxis. You can book these vehicles through ride-sharing apps such as Ola, Uber, or Jugnoo when planning your trip to the water park. Alternatively, you can hail one while you're on the road for a hassle-free journey.

Just Chill Waterpark Adventure Rides

  1. Coordination. Participants sit on trolleys and must move together in sync.
  2. Rope Climbing: A group activity that demands teamwork, strength, and perseverance. Players of all ages can participate and progress through various stages.
  3. Commando Net: Climb and cross a vertical net in this game, suitable for all ages with the right technique.
  4. Commando Crawl: Children can improve their balancing skills by crawling through a wire-lined passage in the Commando Crawl game.
  5. Tarzon Zip-Line: Participants must push and pull themselves along a rope to reach the finish, repeating the process.
  6. Burma Bridge: A fun and informative activity for all age groups, where you cross a bridge-like passageway while maintaining balance. The pathway consists of thick ropes to walk on and side ropes to hold onto for support.

Just Chill Waterpark FAQs

Q: How many rides are there at Just Chill Waterpark? 

A: Just Chill Water Park offers more than 12 unforgettable attractions for visitors to enjoy, promising a day of fun and excitement.

Q: What are the ticket prices for Just Chill Waterpark? 

A: Here are the ticket prices for Just Chill Water Park:

  • Child (Below 2.9 ft): Free on all days.
  • Child (2.9 ft - 4.6 ft): Rs. 400 (Mon-Fri) and Rs. 500 (Sat-Sun/Holiday).
  • Adult (Above 4.6 ft): Rs. 600 (Mon-Fri) and Rs. 700 (Sat-Sun/Holiday).
  • Stag (For Boys): Rs. 800 (Mon-Fri) and Rs. 900 (Sat-Sun/Holiday).
  • Couple: Rs. 1200 (Mon-Fri) and Rs. 1400 (Sat-Sun/Holiday).

Q: Where is Just Chill Water and Adventure Park, and what are its operating hours?

A: Just Chill Water and Adventure Park is located on the Main Grand Trunk Karnal Road, near GTB Memorial, in New Delhi. The park is open from 10 am to 7 pm every day of the week.

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