Vagamon Glass Bridge: Ticket Price, Timings, Location


Explore India’s newest gem, the Vagamon Glass Bridge! Unveiled in August 2023, this remarkable structure is a treat for travel enthusiasts. Imagine a thrilling experience on India's longest cantilever glass bridge, stretching an impressive 40 meters. 

Perched at a breathtaking 3,500 feet above sea level in the scenic Kolahalamedu, Vagamon, it promises an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Don't miss the chance to witness the beauty and excitement of this architectural marvel during your visit to Kerala.

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Vagamon Adventure Park Activities 

Adventure Park Activities

Ticket Price (INR)

Adventure Park Entry

₹50 per person

Glass Bridge Walk

₹250 per person


₹3500 for a single flight


₹800 for a thrilling zipline experience

Rope Activities

₹1,200 for access to the rope courses


₹500 for guided trekking on the scenic trails

Vagamon Adventure Park Entry Packages


Price (Per Person)

Activities Included 

Silver Package

Rs. 999

  • Glass Bridge
  • Sky Cycle or Sky Roller
  • Freefall or Zipline
  • 360 Cycle

Gold Package 

Rs. 1499

  • Glass Bridge
  • Giant Swing or Rocket Ejector
  • Sky Cycle or Sky Roller
  • Freefall, Zipline
  • 360 Cycle 
  • Humen Gyro

Platinum Package 

Rs. 1999

  • Glass Bridge
  • Giant Swing
  • Sky Cycle
  • Sky Roller
  • Freefall
  • Rocket Ejector
  • Zipline
  • 360 Cycle
  • Humen Gyro

Vagamon Glass Bridge Highlights



Entry Fee

₹250 per person

Entry Time

10:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Adventure Park of DTPC at Kolahalamedu, Vagamon (Suicide Point)


3,500 feet

Glass Bridge Length

40 meters

Additional Information

Located inside the Adventure Park of Vagamon

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How to Reach Vagamon Glass Bridge Location - Kolahalamedu:

By Air:

  • Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (COK) - Approximately 104 kilometers away.
  • Transportation: Hire a taxi or use local transportation options from the airport to reach Kolahalamedu.

By Train:

  • Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam Railway Station - Approximately 72 kilometers away.
  • Transportation: Hire a taxi or take a bus from Kottayam Railway Station to reach Kolahalamedu.

By Road:

  • Kolahalamedu is well-connected by road to various cities and towns in Kerala and neighboring states.
  • Use private vehicles or public transportation to reach Kolahalamedu.

From Kochi (Cochin):

  • Drive towards Munnar via National Highway (NH 85). Kolahalamedu is near Munnar.
  • Alternatively, take a bus from Ernakulam Bus Station to Munnar and arrange local transportation to Kolahalamedu.

From Kottayam:

  • Take NH 183 and NH 185 roads to reach Munnar from Kottayam.
  • From Munnar, follow directions to Kolahalamedu.

Local Transportation:

  • Once in Munnar, hire a taxi or use local buses or auto-rickshaws to reach Kolahalamedu.
  • It's a short drive from Munnar town to the Vagamon Glass Bridge location.

Vagamon Glass Bridge FAQs

Question: What is the title of the longest glass bridge in Kerala?

Answer: The longest glass bridge in Kerala is the 40-meter-long cantilever skywalk glass bridge inaugurated at Vagamon. Located approximately 3,500 feet above sea level, this glass bridge offers a breathtaking view from a height of 150 meters over the hilly terrain. It stands as a prominent attraction at the Vagamon tourist center in Kerala.

Question: How much do the activities cost at Vagamon Adventure Park?

Answer: The pricing for activities at Vagamon Adventure Park is as follows:

  • Adventure Park Entry: ₹500 per person.
  • Paragliding: ₹3500 for a single flight.
  • Zipline: ₹800 for a thrilling zipline experience.
  • Rope Activities: ₹1,200 for access to the rope courses.

Question: During what hours can one experience paragliding in Vagamon?

Answer: Paragliding in Vagamon is available from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The activity duration is approximately 15-20 minutes.

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